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Stockholmsregionen om EU:s klimatstrategi

Klimatet är en av vår tids viktigaste frågor och det krävs krafttag på såväl lokalt, regionalt, nationellt som på EU-nivå. Nyligen presenterade EU-kommissionen en långsiktig klimatstrategi som ska leda Europa till att bli klimatneutralt 2050 och möta de mål vi internationellt har skrivit under i Parisavtalet. Stockholmsregionen har redan som mål att vara klimatneutrala 2050 och som en av EU:s ledande regioner i klimatarbetet vill regionen självklart vara med och bidra.


Stockholm Region opinion on strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reductions

This opinion is from the Stockholm Region, a pioneer of clean and green who manages to grow its GDP and at the same time decrease emissions. Reducing greenhouse emissions is of high priority for the region and therefore we welcome the initiative to develop a strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reductions. For the Stockholm Region it is important that the EU maintains the goal of restricting global warming to 1,5 degrees and reach net zero GHG emissions by 2050.


Cities in the EU, engines of an ambitious European long-term strategy

Mayors of ambitious European cities united in support of the European Commission’s mission to develop a European strategy for long-term greenhouse gas reduction in accordance with the Paris Agreement. In an open letter addressed to Mr. Vice-President of the European Commission and Mr. Commissioner for Climate and Energy, they urge the European Commission to set the 1.5°C and net-zero emissions goals of the Paris Agreement as objectives in the European climate strategy, to be achieved by 2050.


Opinion of the Stockholm Region Association for European Affairs on the Clean Vehicles Directive

This opinion on the Clean Vehicles Directive is from the Stockholm Region, the first region in the world with fossil-free public transport on land. As a strong and credible voice within the EU energy, environment and climate debate the Stockholm Region welcomes the European Commission's initiative to reduce emissions from the transport sector but stand critical to the definition of a clean vehicle. Instead we advocate a technology neutral definition that includes the overall environmental impact of vehicles.

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