Invitation: Addressing societal challenges – input to a mission-oriented approach in the Horizon Europe proposal

The Stockholm Region EU Office invites you to a panel discussion on the next research and innovation framework programme. Welcome!


Stockholm Region EU Office – boosting research and innovation and maintaining cohesion funding

Highlighted in Politico Pro Budget, August 6th 2018; POLITICO Pro Budget Briefing: Hungarian highlights — View from Valletta — Stockholm's stance. Sweden is a vocal player in the budget negotiations, with one of the most frugal EU governments when it comes to the bloc’s finances. But within the country, there are diverse views on the position it should take on the MFF. For the Stockholm region, the emphasis should be on boosting research and innovation and maintaining cohesion funding.


Cities in the EU, engines of an ambitious European long-term strategy

Mayors of ambitious European cities united in support of the European Commission’s mission to develop a European strategy for long-term greenhouse gas reduction in accordance with the Paris Agreement. In an open letter addressed to Mr. Vice-President of the European Commission and Mr. Commissioner for Climate and Energy, they urge the European Commission to set the 1.5°C and net-zero emissions goals of the Paris Agreement as objectives in the European climate strategy, to be achieved by 2050.


Debattartikel EU-handslag

Om vi ska förbättra möjligheten att påverka EU i rätt riktning behöver delaktigheten, kunskapen och engagemanget i EU-frågor stärkas bland våra medborgare och i vårt dagliga arbete. Därför ingår vi, Stockholmsregionen och regeringen ett EU-handslag idag.

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