Our Work

Stockholm Region EU Office is committed to make Stockholm Europe’s most attractive metropolitan region. Through our work, we contribute to the Stockholm Region becoming a leading European region for growth and knowledge, sustainability, good living environment and groundbreaking innovation.

Stockholm is widely recognized as one of the most innovative regions in the world. It’s also one of the most competitive, fastest growing and sustainable regions in Europe and wants to contribute to EU policy initiatives of importance for the region.

Stockholm Region EU Office brings together local and regional governments in our region. We monitor the legislative and regulatory activities in the European Union and provide our joint statements, information and recommendations to EU policy makers.

Our priority areas of activity are research and innovation, digitalisation, energy, climate and environment, transport and regional policy.

Research and Innovation

If the EU is to boost or maintain its competitiveness, more attention must be paid to excellent research environments and innovation. In this regard, the research and innovation programme of the EU provides a much-needed platform for cooperation between actors across Europe and is a clear example of an area where EU funding brings real added value compared to national and regional initiatives.


EU Digital single market should be prioritised and further developed. Digital services spur economic growth, creating opportunities for innovation and employment. Digitalisation is also the key to achieving the highest potential of other policy areas, such as environment and transport.

Energy, climate and environment, and transport

The introduction of an ambitious policy to face the general European environmental problems has thus been yet another significant success of the EU. The EU should continue to aim an ambitious EU energy and climate policy as well as ambitious environmental targets without unnecessary detailed regulation that hampers innovation and development of eco-friendly technology.

Regional policy

The cohesion policy of the EU is an important instrument for reducing social and economic disparities in Europe. It is also the main EU investment instrument to address common challenges and contribute to local and regional growth. However, the policy must be reviewed and streamlined.