Webinar Tuesday 15 March 2022 | 10.00-11.30

Environment, climate and energy, Events, Press Release | 24-02-2022

Developing a well-functioning EU market for negative emissions – Towards an EU certification of carbon removals


To achieve the European Union’s ambitious goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050, negative emission technology will be one important tool. For Stockholm and many other regions with CHP-plants run on biomass, BECCS is a central technology that can reach its full potential with the right enabling conditions.

At the same time, much is happening regarding carbon removals at the EU level; in December 2021 the European Commission presented a communication on sustainable carbon cycles and a legislative proposal is expected on certification of carbon removals by the end of 2022 for which a public consultation is open until 2 May.

Speakers include Mr Christian Holzleitner from DG CLIMA, Ms Katarina Luhr vice mayor of the City of Stockholm, Mr Fabian Levihn from energy company Stockholm Exergi, and Ms Jannicke Gerner Bjerkås from energy company Fortum Oslo Varme.

Join us to discuss how we can develop a well-functioning EU market for negative emissions, how the certificates should be designed, and what is needed from the future EU legislation.

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